Creatures (discussion)
isnt the hit risk column pointless?
whether or not a mob hits is determined by skills
I propose the column is deleted unless somone can explian why its useful

Hellfire (talk) - 28-10-2006 13:40:43
It can be made meaningful but it would be very hard to do that accurate. Maybe values like "low" "medium" and "high" can make some sense. Its clearly that a hogglo would be high, and a snable would be low.

Witte (talk) - 28-10-2006 16:41:26
Hmm, I wonder if it was possible to add something like a template or so for 'Single-Maturity-Mobs' like the Rarkash and the Longtooth? (Don't really know how wiki works for those things)

Just because you can't add any info for health or stats for them without creating a Maturity for them...

It's only for those two so far, but maybe there will be more like them?

Sound (talk) - 19-09-2007 09:34:04
Maybe its an idea to add a maturity called "(Single maturity mob)"?

Witte (talk) - 19-09-2007 11:58:26
Btw there are also drone, warrior, trooper and so on without generation X in name on beacon missions, where do they fit in?

Downfall (talk) - 19-09-2007 13:02:09


/me slaps forehead

Was too obvious for me :P Thanks Witte, will do

Sound (talk) - 19-09-2007 13:23:04
Mmh, do we really need these "Uberloot on this mob" stuff on the discussion page of some creatures? If everyone does that they'll be totally crammed with stuff which doesn't really matter, because I don't think that's what those pages should be used for...

Isn't it enough to have it on EF?

Sound (talk) - 04-12-2007 17:18:33
I agree - that having this in the discussion tab isnt the right place - Thou if it could come into a table then that table could be limited to only show top25 like in games.

yquem (talk) - 04-12-2007 17:28:38
Any ideas about the Umbras? I scanned a bunch today and they neither have a Male or Female tag anymore, nor do they seem to have different stats, should we just delete one of them and rename the other?

Sound (talk) - 05-03-2008 17:02:57
It might be best to remove both male and female from the chart and start new mob. It seems to me about everything except the name is different on the new umbra.

Witte (talk) - 05-03-2008 17:41:05

how about hidden column with last VU ?

(meanning last vu at lleast 3 info were upadated : HP; defense or scan ; at least 3 looted items verifyed)


vazi01 (talk) - 01-10-2008 02:25:05

You can add that kind of info in the discription. I dont see the use for an extra column.

Witte (talk) - 02-10-2008 08:08:02

I'd like a new column for the mobs, lowest hitpoiints for each mob. ie so i can list them by the lowest hitpoitn and see what i should hunt with my gun sort of :D or i want a search mobs by hp, ie i put in a hp value and it lists the mobs with that hp

Flatline (talk) - 13-04-2009 21:16:08

You can already sort on HP. Just click on the "Health" column header.

Witte (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

witte, there is no health column :P what i want is one on the frontpage where you can see all mobs. Ie a column for each mob type with the lowest hitpoint for that mob so i can sort if between the mobs.

Flatline (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

I think you missed it, but the maturity level chart must be what you are looking for

Witte (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

that was it
Flatline (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10
Just wondering, I think it would be better to add "zeros" into the attacks columns, if mob does no damage of that type. To: clarify that the mob does not do any type of attack at all (which may not be clear when it's (33, 33 and 33 - total: 99...), and to distinguish unknown values from the known ones.
Faalagorn (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

I think it was a mistake to rename Daikis page to Shinkiba

Even if the creature stats are all the same there are still Daikis on EU and the loot tables are different.

Might have been better to copy the page  rather than hijack it.

KikkiJikki (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

Hi, should we add a column, namely Mob level?

for some example, see

firejuggler (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10
Column added
Witte (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

what should I, as a n00b user of the system do/push/activate to see that column? =)

Lugzan (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10
The column is visible by default. However, if you configured the columns at one point, you may need to reconfigure them (by checking the "configure columns" checkbox).
Witte (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

maybe I'm not only n00b but also blind... =)


tried with all columns checked, with different browsers just in case and I do not see that column. according to the image here what am I missing?

Lugzan (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

select a mob, select a maturity, edit, you should get the Danger level column.

firejuggler (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

I see.


it comes out that I was looking directly under creatures - somehow thought it logically to be inserted there =)



Lugzan (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

Some creatures like the motorhead  royality don't have maturity. how do we handle it?

firejuggler (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

I've got some question on damage split on Levi, the 50% acid can somehow not be correct. I hunt them with spartacus and 5B plates (at all no acid dmg protection) - but up to Guardian I only get hit 2-3 dmg only in general, sometimes 5-7. So when damage of Levi is 50% acid, then I should receive some more damage since my armor setup doesnt protect me on acid at all and the in total dmg of a guardian is ~80.


any suggestions on that "theory"?



Mad Mike (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

Stage 3 Mission = Support Weapons Systems Skill/Unknown TT

aod_daggs (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

How about adding a Killpoints column for creatures so that we know how many killpoints each maturity is worth towards an iron mission?

Deeveon (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10
The THREAT value of the creature is not displayed in the table mode. I did try to change the table columns but I guess i dont have the necessary permissions to do so.
Anybody know how to do that?

Threat column already exist in the creature detail page but is not a column at creatures table???
SpaceFeeler (talk) - 18-06-2024 07:56:10

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