Calculate the decay of an item (discussion)

I was just watching Star's live hunting stream and he was putting things on sale on his shopkeeper. The dialog for setting the item's selling price showed the item's value with an accuracy of 1/1000th pec, e.g xxx.12345. You might wanna edit this page with this info,  very easy to calculate decay this way.

IceCold3000 (talk) - 03-10-2023 13:22:17
A more accurate way, it seems, to use the Auction method for (L) items and easier to set the price on is to just set the price to the max allowed which is 9999999.00ped (note: you cannot set the .00-es, the UI doesn't allow it) then look at the MU % shown then just do 9999999*100 divided by that MU, for example:

1. a 116.76ped [NeoPsion 100-B Mindforce Implant (L)], put in auction at opening bid amount 9999999.00 shows Markup: 8564492.43%, so you do this: 999999900/8564492.43 which equals 116.7611400410801 ped, but you only care for 3 decimals below the pec, so 116.76114 ped

2. a 15.93ped [Lacerating Attack Nanochip 4 (L)], at 9999999.00 opening bid amount shows Markup: 62738084.78% so you do 999999900/62738084.78 = 15.93928000044378 which is ~ 15.93928 ped, and you can verify this by placing the chip in the trade terminal and add near it 71+1 sweat to see that it shows 15.94ped then remove the 1 sweat to see it shows 15.93ped.

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anonE (talk) - 03-10-2023 13:22:17

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