Medical Tools
All tools used for healings, including FAPs and healing chips. The heal per second and heal per pec values are bases on the maximum possible avarage heal values. The maxed column indicates at what level the heal is maxed, not the reload.
  • Skill based calculates you heal capabilities based on your personal paramedic level. Click on help for more details.
  • Include markup calculates the eco including the markup, based on PE-Auction prices.
  • Custom values makes it possible to enter custom values for your profession or for the markup.
To determine the decay of an item, see the guide "Calculate the decay of an item". Note that Mindforce chips do not include NeoPsion implant decay. Showing 27 of 56 items.
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General InformationStatsEconomyProfessionsSource
NameTypeHealEff. HealUsesHeal/secMax.TTMarkupDecayMECostEcoRec.SIBSourceFound on
Official Regeneration ChipMindforce35035061355.8327  100  22NoMA OwnedPlanet Calypso
Official Resurrection Chip  15 38.9  100  14NoMA OnlyPlanet Calypso
Rakzum's Pouch (L)  4 1.8 10240034.000 25YesLootedPlanet Calypso
Regeneration Chip 107868.252225.02240 3.4685208.6687.8718YesLootedPlanet Calypso
Regeneration Chip 118675.252227.592724500000.00 PED3.7445739.4747.9422YesMA Owned, LootedPlanet Calypso
Regeneration Chip 11 (L)8675.252227.5941  544  22YesLootedPlanet Calypso
Regeneration Chip 7 (L)56492217.9725 2.323535.8508.389.8YesLootedPlanet Calypso
Regeneration Field Chip 8124.5124.548.3051  2640  0NoMA OwnedPlanet Calypso
Restoration Chip 1 (L)61.854.0821.804.5750.00%0.49450.94057.530YesLootedPlanet Calypso
Restoration Chip 10 (L)349.8306.07210.2012400.00%1.21202.400127.5345YesLootedPlanet Calypso
Restoration Chip 11 (L)397.8348.07211.6012.9 1.291292.580134.9150YesLootedPlanet Calypso
 Restoration Chip 12 (L)445.8390.07213.0013.7 1.371372.740142.3655YesLootedPlanet Calypso
 Restoration Chip 13 (L)500.7438.11214.6014.6  146  60YesLootedPlanet Calypso
 Restoration Chip 14 (L)555.3485.89216.2015.4  154  65YesLootedPlanet Calypso
 Restoration Chip 15 (L)617.1539.96218.0016.39  164  70YesLootedPlanet Calypso
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