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General InformationMission Broker
PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsMission BrokerLongitudeLatitudeNearest CityRequired MissionAddedCompleted
Planet CalypsoAdam's Anguish NoNone Adam2025439627Cayuze11.2.5.5Completed
Planet CalypsoA grave errandSpread the ashesNoFirst Aid (eq. 0.5 PED Implant) & 100 Nova Fragments Jessica Hammersmark7437567320East Scylla MountainsThe last will of Karen Wong11.0.3Completed
Planet CalypsoAlexander SelkirkFind mysterious islandNoNone
Planet CalypsoA Message From YoshidaReport To Paul ReinhardtNoDexterity (eq. 0.01 PED implant)DexterityMr. Yoshida6847971315Genesis Alpha StationPest EradicationPlanet Calypso 2012.4Completed
Planet CalypsoAnalyzing The SamplePurchase 100 Synthetic Mind EssenceNoNone Lauren Lord6877671029Camp AmundsenTo Camp AmundsenPlanet Calypso 2012.4Completed
Planet CalypsoA New BeginningFind Lieutenant Smith and leave ThuleNoNone Rusty6849270759Spaceport HeliosHangar HangoutPlanet Calypso 2012.4Completed
Planet CalypsoAnother Message From YoshidaLocate the Supply Pod and Retrieve the Mining EquipmentNoGenesis Star Rookie Finder (L), Genesis Star Rookie Extractor (L), 12 Survey Probes, Universal Ammo (0.10 PED) and Geology (eq. 0.01 PED implant)GeologyMr. Yoshida6847971315Camp AmundsenAnalyzing The SamplePlanet Calypso 2012.4Completed
Planet Calypsoanswer.length = "short"  None RX-483681457474011.10.3Completed
Planet CalypsoA perfect place for a bait      Planet Calypso 2011.3Completed
Planet CalypsoA private message from Mr LyndonBring the data recorder to Mr Lyndon Psyche (1 point) Andrus Iron Challenge Mission Broker7949187882Clear the Area11.2.2Completed
Planet CalypsoA private message from Officer BookFind the four crates Psyche (1 point)   Clear the Area11.2.2Completed
Planet CalypsoArgonautical AssassinationKill 3 Argonaut Leaders and rescue researches Courage + Universal Ammo (0.17 PED)   Port AtlantisScare TacticsCompleted
Planet CalypsoA Sensitive FindInvestigate the suspicious sensor.NoProbing (eq. 0.01 PED implant) Professor Hamill6317075642Nus LullFertile WatersPlanet Calypso 2013.1Completed
Planet CalypsoAtonement  The "Atoned" achievement Mad prophet7482068886Finding the Path11.3.3Completed
Planet CalypsoAuctioneer informationLearn about the Auction None Port Atlantis Economy Guide6142675176Port AtlantisBasic economy information11.3.3Completed
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