Available user-runned shops found in Estate Areas and terminals. Showing 217 of 56 items.
General InformationLocation
NameTypeOwnerItemsExpiration periodEstate AreaBlock#Found On
 70's Shop @ SakuraShop 700Reset all itemsChikara Koufuku CondosA2Planet Calypso
 Alien Items ShopShop George Ace Skywalker0Reset all itemsDeer MallF25Planet Calypso
 Another Bearlover ShopShop Michael Bearlover Deede0Reset all itemsDeer MallF211Planet Calypso
 Antonio's PhotographyShop Antonio Amar Mar0Reset all itemsDeer MallF111Planet Calypso
 Anto's ShopApartment Antonius Anto Black0Reset all itemsGenesis Star Tower DF7FPlanet Calypso
 Apollo's Furniture and DecorationsShop Hades Hermes Apollo0Reset all itemsChikara Koufuku CondosA3Planet Calypso
 Ark Cybe ShopShop Ark Cybe Nor0Reset all itemsTreasure Island PlatinumC1Planet Calypso
Arthur ShopkeeperShopkeeper Arthur De Labas0Reset all itemsOmegaton Gamma Complex31FPlanet Calypso
 Aslan's GalleryApartment Aslan David Jondalar0Reset all itemsTreasure Island SilverF5EPlanet Calypso
Athalantes ShopShopGarkham Garkham666 MorgSkull0Reset all itemsOmegaton Delta ComplexA3Planet Calypso
 AxeMurderer Shop 1Shop 0Reset all items  Planet Calypso
 AxeMurderer Shop 2Shop 0Reset all items  Planet Calypso
Baha's Variety BoothBooth Baha Jay Calypso0Reset all itemsOmegaton Alpha ComplexBooth3Planet Calypso
BEARLOVER Super StoreShop Michael Bearlover Deede0Reset all itemsGenesis Star Tower BC6Planet Calypso
 BEARLOVER SuppliesShop Michael Bearlover Deede0Reset all itemsGenesis Star Tower BC5Planet Calypso
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