Armor: Angel, FEN Edition
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:14.1 kg
Stab:35 HP
Cut:35 HP
Impact:35 HP
Penetration:20 HP
Burn:20 HP
Close:105 HP
Firearms:40 HP
Total:145 HP
Set TT:363.0 PED
Source:FEN Token Trader
Found on:Planet Calypso
Personal effect
Personal Effects:7 parts: 15% Decrease Critical Damage, 15% Evade, 15% Dodge

A special edition armor. Exclusively available during the Fifteenth Entropia New year (FEN) event.


To purchase a set of Angel, FEN Edition you must first purchase a FEN Armor Token from the FEN Token Trader, and then contact support to exchange the token for a set of Angel Armor FEN Edition (M/F as desired).

These tokens can be bought from FEN Token Trader for 3500x FEN Token Platinum + 363 PED.

A total of 8 were available in the FEN Token Trader.


Item Set Effect

This armor provides Evade, Dodge and Decrease Critical Damage


7 Parts - 15% Strength

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