Blueprint Book: Planet Calypso Blueprint Book Weapons (Vol. III)
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NameLevelTypeMaterialsItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
GeoTrek AL26 Serpentis (L) Blueprint11Weapon6GeoTrek AL26 Serpentis (L)409150.00% 51.3154.51106.2Planet Calypso
GeoTrek AL29 Felis (L) Blueprint12Weapon6GeoTrek AL29 Felis (L)569149.21% 60.823480.145722.0Planet Calypso
GeoTrek H30 Illum (L) Blueprint12Weapon5GeoTrek H30 Illum (L)503  58.652292.733909.2Planet Calypso
GeoTrek H33 Uti (L) Blueprint12Weapon5GeoTrek H33 Uti (L)621  62.762026.583229.1Planet Calypso
GeoTrek H36 Saou (L) Blueprint13Weapon5GeoTrek H36 Saou (L)597  61.9088.98143.7Planet Calypso
GeoTrek H1051 Kisf (L) Blueprint14Weapon6GeoTrek H1051 Kisf (L)601  72.80147.92203.2Planet Calypso
GeoTrek H1071 Otk (L) Blueprint15Weapon6GeoTrek H1071 Otk (L)   82.56106.82129.4Planet Calypso
GeoTrek LP510 Huo (L) Blueprint11Weapon7GeoTrek LP510 Huo (L)379240.00% 52.9055.08104.1Planet Calypso
GeoTrek LP525 Geke (L) Blueprint11Weapon6GeoTrek LP525 Geke (L)412160.00% 55.0162.60113.8Planet Calypso
GeoTrek LP540 Tau (L) Blueprint13Weapon6GeoTrek LP540 Tau (L)457  64.1498.21153.1Planet Calypso
Omegaton Bur Ning (L) Blueprint11Weapon6Omegaton Bur Ning (L)230  47.4847.84100.8Planet Calypso
Omegaton Caus Tik (L) Blueprint11Weapon6Omegaton Caus Tik (L)310  47.1647.36100.4Planet Calypso
Omegaton Chillwind (L) Blueprint12Weapon6Omegaton Chillwind (L)   49.162243.164563.0Planet Calypso
Omegaton Flashfire (L) Blueprint11Weapon6Omegaton Flashfire (L)203  38.6739.06101.0Planet Calypso
Omegaton Frostbite (L) Blueprint12Weapon6Omegaton Frostbite (L)365  57.522550.994435.0Planet Calypso
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