Mission: Scout the Hills
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Iron Challenge Argonauts
Objective:Scout locations for Sandor Bauer
Reward:25 Nova Fragments
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Sandor Bauer
Nearest City:Jason Centre
Mission Locations



Scout the Hills

Scout the terrain around and between five waypoints provided to you by Sandor Bauer. The position of the next waypoint is shown in the Mission Objectives.


  • Scout Locations for Sandor Bauer
    1. Location 1 (77088,78871)
    2. Location 2 (77528,78499)
    3. Location 3 (77472,77973)
    4. Location 4 (76583,77930)
    5. Location 5 (76288,78256)
  • Return to Sandor Bauer


Mission Chain


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Request 1 from "Iron Challenge (Jason)":

Sandor Bauer:

You there! Yeah, you!


I want you do something for me. Me and my buddies in CFA will organize hunts in this area, and we need someone to take a look around. Find some good locations where there's plenty of prey, and then report back to me. I might even let you in on the fun.

  • Tell me about CFA.
  • Sure
  • No thanks


If you choose "Tell me about CFA":

CFA! Calypso Firearms Association.  We're the only guardians of freedom, the only true guardians, that still exist!  We protect our right to bear arms for our protection!


With this hunt, we show the pen pushers how important firearms are to the normal people on the frontier.


So, in or out?


  • I'll look around for some nice prey.
  • Not interested




Sandor Bauer:

Now we know where to find'em. Let's put them down one! Would you like to join in?

  • Please tell me more
  • Thanks but no

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