Society: Art of War
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Skill Rank:5
Average HP:250.8
Average Total Skill:373297.4
Average Highest Skill:13942.6
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Land Areas

Land Areas the society own and control.

Deed NameLand NameTypeOwner TypeHunting TaxMining TaxContinentPlanetLon.Lat. 
 Amethera LA09Red Sands ForestLand AreaSociety0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso3683427686Edit
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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
 Buck Buck StoneBuckElevated HunterSwitzerlandHunter1588537610326231-10-2005Fort Troy
 Farglorn Snowflake LlewellwynSnowflakeSenior HunterNetherlandsHunter993219518820401-01-2003Chimera Canyons
 Harry Bond HoleBondHunterNorwayHunter1310038600026730-10-2005Fort Argus
 Linden The Chosen AveryAvery South Africa 1525143135325511-04-2004Port Atlantis
 Micah Hoos McDowellHoosElevated HunterGermanyHunter/H&R Owner1334434614823301-10-2005Atlas Haven
 Migor Mice OthMice SwedenHunter12000  01-01-2003Hadesheim
 Mirandax yanda Zez  Sweden   19115-03-2003 
 Neo The Famous Trader SharpNeo SharpElevated HunterSwedenHunter1600042000027501-06-2005Port Atlantis
 Paris Dub Hilton  ZimbabweEconomy Stimulator   15-12-2004Port Atlantis
 Petrus PM MolinosPMProfessionalNetherlandsHunter1602945829031920-12-2004Port Atlantis

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