Society: nothing AND nowhere (nAn)
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Leader:Samm Sammy2004 Djondo
Founder:RexDameon Rex Andreosn
Found Date:19-02-2004
Average HP:120.0
Average Total Skill:85975.5
Average Highest Skill:5592.5


nothing AND nowhere is a society in Entropia Universe.

Entropia Universe is a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy.

Together with people from all over the globe you experience adventure, form societies, and play a part in the creation of a brand new world.

We teach people new to Calypso that are interested in learning and being trained, aswell as forming a group of good friends around us.

The aim of nAn is to provide fun, entertainment and a solid foundation for your own place in Entropia.

Together we stand !




nothing AND nowhere was founded by Rex and Onica on February 19, 2004.

The name came from one of Rex's favorite albums called nothing and nowhere.

It was our view that when you first land on Calypso you have nothing and you are virtually nowhere.




Visit nAn's website for more information.

Currently no website available.

Members can be found and contacted through EntropiaForum

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Some of the members in this society.

Full NameGiven NameSociety RankCountryProfessionHighest SkillTotal SkillsHealthDate of ArrivalPlace of Arrival
Balthazar Noggin FishburnNogginEx-LeaderUnited KingdomCoolest man on Calypso    Port Atlantis
 Benjamin Ben UrsusBen UrsusSergeantUnited States 407661698115 Port Atlantis
 Colbey Kyndig CallistinssonKyndigex-GeneralUnited KingdomJack of all trades710911025314627-03-2002Port Atlantis
 Martigan Digit HandscomeDigitColonel       
 Thomas The0ne ColdhunterThe0neRecruitUnited StatesHunter/Miner  9916-03-2005Port Atlantis

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