Version Update: Planet Arkadia 2011.6
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
News:Leather textures, caves, Celeste rebuild (phase 1)
Important Note on the Underground Area

The underground area is not yet available, we strongly recommend not downloading it as there is no advantage doing so prior to its release - you will still need to download the final content when it is released at a later date.

New Content

  • Material Textures for Creatures have arrived!
  • Celeste Harbour Town Square Overhaul, Phase 1 complete.
  • Cave systems added near Courageous Firebase Academy and Resolute Firebase Academy.


Issues Fixed
  • Minor resource availability adjustments.
  • Lidacon can now be found again.
  • Scopes and Laser Sights have had erroneous references to (L) versions removed from their descriptions.
  • Quil Sap colour scheme fixed.
  • Fixed head positioning in death animations for: Tiarak, Beladoth, Zadul, Otorugi
  • The Archaeological Society has improved their seating arrangements so that visitors can sit down and relax.
  • Bridge ramp height on a bridge southwest of Resolute Firebase fixed.


General Changes
  • Celeste Quarry Teleporter is now accessible to everyone without the need to first visit it.
  • Tiarak maturity adjusted in Sanctuary Crossing and Sanctuary Shores.
  • Ambient light levels at Night increased.
  • Underwater visibility improved.
  • Madana, Halix, Carabok, and Jori are now more colourful.


Known Issues
  • There is no Arkadia Material Texture Blueprint in the Technician, the Carabok Texture Blueprint will be found there in the next update.
  • Material Textures are missing their recommended levels.
  • Descriptions on weapons still refer to specific ammunition types and not the new merged types.
  • Weapon sounds can vary from shot to shot on some weapons.
  • Limited Blueprint Book cannot be coloured or textured.
  • Some types of eyewear can appear outside or on top of the Armour Helmet.
  • Skin from some face/head shapes can be seen when wearing Armour Helmet.
  • Televators in buildings may link to the building next door in rare cases.
  • Feran are afraid of getting too close to the ground.



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