Version Update: Planet Arkadia 2011.8
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
News:New mob, new missions, new long/shortblades

'Culling the Oratan's food supply seems to be having minimal impact on their activities' said Commodore Harvir to
the leader of his ground forces.

'Maybe so, but it's certainly allowing our scientists to gather some good data' replied Captain Chiharo.

'True enough. Alright, we'll give the colonists a system to keep a proper count of their kills and reward them for their ongoing efforts.'

Satisfied with progress on the colony's main threat, Harvir had been able to put some more time into economic matters. He wanted to be out
there with the troops, building the colony, but some things needed to come first.


Important Note on the Underground Area
The underground area is not yet available, we strongly recommend not downloading it as there is no advantage doing so prior to its release -
you will still need to download the final content when it is released at a later date.

New Content

  • New Creature
    • A new Creature called the Scoria has been found roaming around in the northern areas of 8 Coins.
  • New Missions
    • IFN Challenges added for Otorugi, Kiana, Oweko, Kadra, Madana, Huon, Beladoth, Teladon, Korwil, Kamaldon, Yuka, and Scoria.
    • Achievements added for the new IFN Challenges.
    • Trophy Heads have been added for creatures featured in an IFN Challenge.
    • Oro IFN Challenge updated to include new Trophy Head reward in Stage 4. If you have previously completed this stage the reward will be delivered to your inventory.


  • Other New Content
    • 6 Shop Stalls at Celeste Quarry which will be sold via auction.
    • New destinations, including Teleporters, on 8 Coins and Sanctuary Cove.
    • An incident of Oratan theft, discovered on 18th Feb 3008 at Steadfast Firebase may be related to the more recent news that a wide variety of

longblades and shortblades that went missing, have begun turning up in various types of creature carcasses. Blueprints for these weapons remain
classified by the IFN and are unavailable at present.

Balance Changes

  • Improved availability of Muscle Oil.

Issues Fixed


  • Floating crates and Teleporters have been re-gravitated. Halloween tricksters will be located and dealt with. We are not amused.
  • Carabok texture Blueprint is in the correct category in the Technician.
  • Terrain fixes on 8 Coins.

General Changes


  • All new colonists will now land exclusively at Resolute Firebase Academy.
  • New login screen.
  • General updates to Celeste Harbour and Quarry.

Known Issues


  • Estate Terminals show a different colour when set to private.
  • Some categories in the Trade and Technician Terminals are missing text.
  • Weapon sounds can vary from shot to shot on some weapons.
  • Limited Blueprint Book cannot be coloured or textured.
  • Some types of eyewear can appear outside or on top of the Armour Helmet.
  • Skin from some face/head shapes can be seen when wearing Armour Helmet.
  • Televators in buildings may link to the building next door in rare cases.
  • Feran are afraid of getting too close to the ground.

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