Version Update: Planet Arkadia 2012.5
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
News:Aakas Keys 1-3, fixes


First three instances under the ancient city of Aakas!
Do you call yourself a Treasure Hunter? Then join Arkadia Gold Rush 2012!

Read all about the new annual event, the Arkadia Gold Rush 2012, in the main even thread here.

There are ELEVEN new instances. 3 of them are ready to explore immediately, and the remainder will be available with the next patch (scheduled for next week). Remember to bring your Arkadian Keys, your team mates and your society!

New Annual Event!

Arkadia Gold Rush 2012

There are plenty of activities to take part in, with eight Alienware X51 Desktop machines to win!
  • Gold Rush Millionaire 2012 - find the Arkadian Golden Key, use it or trade it for 1,000,000 Arkoins!
  • Gold Rush Cinephile 2012 - win an Alienware X51 Desktop!
  • Gold Rush Socialite 2012 - win an Alienware X51 Desktop!
  • Gold Rush Industrialist 2012 - win an Alienware X51 Desktop! 1 crafting global = 1 entry!
  • Gold Rush Prospector 2012 - win an Alienware X51 Desktop! 1 mining global = 1 entry!
  • Gold Rush Warrior 2012 - win an Alienware X51 Desktop! 1 hunting global = 1 entry!
  • Gold Rush Arkoin Baron 2012 - win an Alienware X51 Desktop! Three to be won!
  • Gold Rush Evangelist 2012 - win an Arkadia Forum Gold Membership!

New Content!

  • New Teleporter at the ruins of the ancient city of Aakas, 11180, 9788.
  • Instances under the ruins of Aakas, entrance near the new Aakas Teleporter. First three are open immediately, remaining instances to be opening with the next patch (scheduled for next week).
  • A range of new items have been added, including:
    • Arkoin - a newly discovered stackable item which seems to mainly be found in the Aakas instances
    • Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint
    • Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint (L)
  • A Viewing Gallery has been added next to the starting area of the racetrack northwest of Formidable Firebase Academy.
  • A Media Centre has been added to the IFN Supply Depot at 30897, 13314
  • Four new tracks have been added to the generic music list
  • Ambience sound has been added to the Celeste Harbour server
  • Particle effects have been added to some mobs


  • General bug fixes
  • Adjustments have been made to Riptor Spawns
  • Hoverpods have been adjusted for greater stability

Known Issues

  • Instances currently play generic music, but will have their own music soon.
  • Most new creatures in the Aakas instances currently have no sound effects. This will be rectified in the next patch, scheduled for next week.
  • Currently only three of the ten instance levels are operational. The remaining instances will become operational in the coming patch.
  • The media centre's event terminal has a life of its own, and believes it is a trade terminal. Its AI will be dialled down in the next patch, where it will be operating as required.

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