Version Update: Planet Arkadia 2012.7
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News:Changes to mob & weapon stats


The team at Arkadia Studios has been working hard on major new content for next year's first update. We can't talk too much about it for now, but let's just say we're quietly excited!

Today's update, however, is focused primarily on rebalancing and bugfixing. Changes are as follows:

Creature Stats

As mentioned in the Entropia Universe 12.10 Release Notes, universe-wide change to balancing requirements for creatures has resulted in the need for review of all creature statistics. In most cases, our creatures were already well-balanced, however the following creatures had changes made:

  • Scoria
  • Kadra
  • Riptor
  • Nusul
  • Magurg Female
  • Oratan Lancer
  • Aakas Defender, Aakas Paladin, Aakas Sentinel, Aakas Warden
  • Dehera Attacker, Dehera Brute, Dehera Charger, Dehera Destroyer, Dehera Exterminator, Dehera Furion, Dehera Giant, Dehera Hero, Dehera Infuriator, Dehera Juggernaut


Weapon Stats

A universe-wide change to balancing requirements for weapons has resulted in the need for review of the Herman Industries weapon range. In our cases, this includes the entire ASI, ARK, CAP and LAW pistol and rifle series.

The requirement was that the whole range of weapons needed to have Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) figures adjusted in order for the rest of the statistics to remain the same. As a result, in general the SIB levels have increased for these weapons.

We understand that for those colonists who own such weapons (and the relevant Blueprints), this means a higher skill requirement to continue to be able to use the weapon. We realise this is an inconvenience and we apologise.

On the other hand, we took the decision to make this change, because it now appears to mean the weapon availability will improve. We hope this will be particularly noticeable at the higher ends of the ASI, ARK, CAP and LAW weapon series.

We are aware also that these changes open up SIB level gaps between the various weapons. This of course is an unintended consequence, and we are already looking at the possibility of new ranges of weapons in future, in order to fill these gaps.

Please understand that we are doing our best to look after you, our colonists, and we believe this change to be in the best long term interest of your community.

Fixes and Improvements

  • In the first of many future terrain updates, the area around Celeste Quarry has had some terrain changes. We encourage you to take your Hoverpod for a drive, so you can see what the future of Arkadian terraforming and landscaping holds.
  • A new Gallard spawn has been added to the north-east of Celeste Quarry. This is easily reached by following the tunnel through the hill from the Quarry, the entrance for which is at 31254, 9598.
  • Terrain and path updates have also been made around the Nusul Spawn area, primarily beginning from Celeste Outpost at 27267, 10933, and up through the hills to the north-west, all the way to a new entrance of Fearless Firebase Academy at 25047, 15354.
  • The ACA Representative's missions have been adjusted so that it should now be possible to complete all missions.
  • All ten existing instances under the ancient city of Aakas should now be operating correctly. It should now be possible to exit the instance directly after looting the Treasure Chests.


Known Issues

  • Gallard's collision box is the wrong size, and has already been adjusted. This change will come through with the upcoming patch, expected next week.
  • The instance behind the Arkadian Golden Door is still causing the server to crash. We are hopeful to have this rectified by the next update.
  • Arkoin Brokers are still not operational. At this stage we are unsure of a time for the fix, however we are hopeful of having it for our first update of 2013.



Further to Tuesday's Planet Arkadia Update 2012.7 release notes, we thought it worthwhile confirming further details about our two major changes. The changes to creature statistics and our Herman Industries weapon range are as follows:

Creature Statistics

Oratan Lancer

  • Hit probability slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased
  • Damage slightly increased

Aakas Defender

  • Hit points slightly decreased

Aakas Paladin, Aakas Sentinel

  • Damage slightly increased

Dehera Attacker to Dehera Juggernaut (all ten maturities)

  • Hit probability slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased on higher levels
  • Hit points slightly decreased on lower levels
  • Regeneration rate significantly increased
  • Run speed slightly increased
  • Damage significantly increased on higher levels

Magurg Female

  • Hit probability slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased on higher maturities
  • Hit points slightly decreased on lower maturities
  • Regeneration rate significantly increased
  • Damage slightly increased on Young and Stalker


  • Hit probability slightly decreased
  • Regeneration rate significantly increased
  • Damage slightly increased on Young to Provider
  • Damage slightly decreased on Guardian to Dominant
  • Damage significantly decreased on Alpha to Stalker


  • Hit points slightly decreased
  • Damage slightly increased
  • Regeneration rate slightly inreased


  • Attack rate slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased
  • Damage significantly increased on Young to Provider
  • Damage slightly increased on Provider to Stalker


  • Attack rate slightly decreased
  • Regeneration rate slightly increased
  • Damage significantly decreased


Weapon Statistics

As per Chris|Arkadia's post here today, following are the new Start and End Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) levels for each of the weapons produced by Herman Industries. Those that have not changed are not included in the list:

Name Start End
Herman ARK-20 (L)   11 16
Herman ARK-30 (L)   27 32
Herman ARK-40 (L)   46 51
Herman ARK-50 (L)   65 70
Herman ARK-10 Desert (L)   5 10
Herman ARK-20 Desert (L) 21 26
Herman ARK-30 Desert (L) 34 39
Herman ARK-40 Desert (L) 54 59
Herman ARK-50 Desert (L) 70 75
Herman ARK-10 Jungle (L) 6 11
Herman ARK-20 Jungle (L) 23 28
Herman ARK-30 Jungle (L) 38 43
Herman ARK-40 Jungle (L) 60 65
Herman ARK-50 Jungle (L) 77 82
Herman ARK-10 Arctic (L) 6 11
Herman ARK-20 Arctic (L) 22 27
Herman ARK-30 Arctic (L) 36 41
Herman ARK-40 Arctic (L) 50 55
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L) 75 80
Herman LAW-202 (L) 13 18
Herman LAW-303 (L) 27 32
Herman LAW-404 (L) 50 55
Herman LAW-505 (L) 66 71
Herman LAW-101 Desert (L) 5 10
Herman LAW-202 Desert (L) 21 26
Herman LAW-303 Desert (L) 42 47
Herman LAW-404 Desert (L) 56 61
Herman LAW-505 Desert (L) 71 76
Herman LAW-101 Jungle (L) 6 11
Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L) 23 28
Herman LAW-303 Jungle (L) 46 51
Herman LAW-404 Jungle (L) 60 65
Herman LAW-505 Jungle (L) 77 82
Herman LAW-101 Arctic (L) 5 10
Herman LAW-202 Arctic (L) 22 27
Herman LAW-303 Arctic (L) 44 49
Herman LAW-404 Arctic (L) 58 63
Herman LAW-505 Arctic (L) 75 80
Herman ASI-20 (L) 11 16
Herman ASI-30 (L) 24 29
Herman ASI-40 (L) 37 42
Herman ASI-50 (L) 63 68
Herman ASI-10 Desert (L) 7 12
Herman ASI-20 Desert (L) 21 26
Herman ASI-30 Desert (L) 32 37
Herman ASI-40 Desert (L) 42 47
Herman ASI-50 Desert (L) 70 75
Herman ASI-10 Jungle (L) 7  12
Herman ASI-20 Jungle (L) 21 26
Herman ASI-30 Jungle (L) 33 38
Herman ASI-40 Jungle (L) 44 49
Herman ASI-50 Jungle (L) 72 77
Herman ASI-10 Arctic (L) 7 12
Herman ASI-20 Arctic (L) 21 26
Herman ASI-30 Arctic (L) 33 38
Herman ASI-40 Arctic (L) 44 49
Herman ASI-50 Arctic (L) 72 77
Herman CAP-202 (L) 12 17
Herman CAP-303 (L) 25 30
Herman CAP-404 (L) 37 42
Herman CAP-505 (L) 56 61
Herman CAP-101 Desert (L) 7 12
Herman CAP-202 Desert (L) 20 25
Herman CAP-303 Desert (L) 32 37
Herman CAP-404 Desert (L) 43 48
Herman CAP-505 Desert (L) 62 67
Herman CAP-101 Jungle (L) 7 12
Herman CAP-202 Jungle (L) 21 26
Herman CAP-303 Jungle (L) 34 39
Herman CAP-404 Jungle (L) 45 50
Herman CAP-505 Jungle (L) 64 69
Herman CAP-101 Arctic (L) 7 12
Herman CAP-202 Arctic (L) 22 27
Herman CAP-303 Arctic (L) 33 38
Herman CAP-404 Arctic (L) 44 49
Herman CAP-505 Arctic (L) 65 70

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