Version Update: Planet Arkadia 2015.3
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
News:Added Pandi stage 6,Dehera Defender renamed to ACA Dehera Clearance – Aakas Defender, new apartment buildings, prepping for Gold Rush
The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Update 2015.5. This information is provided, to the extent that the IFN and ACA are at liberty to discuss at this time. Log in today and check things out for yourself, to discover how the changes affect you!

Oratan Payback daily missions now all include a tracker to show you which day you are on.
Pandi Stage 6 repeatable mission is now available for everyone who finished stage 5.
ACA Dehera Clearance – Dehera Defender is now renamed to a more suitable name ACA Dehera Clearance – Aakas Defender.

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Firebases Valiant, Victorious and Indomitable have just installed their new apartment buildings.

Gold Rush
The annual Gold Rush event is coming soon to Arkadia, we have made some preparations for it at Aakas, so make sure you have the location [11212, 9742]. More info about Gold Rush will be posted in the coming days, we just wanted to explain what these statues are doing at Aakas.

Two (2) shops in Celeste Harbour have had their shop fronts redone
Owner: Natta Criptic Allan
Location: Celeste Harbour North #6

Aakas Bazaar
Owner: Duif Dove Votan
Location: Celeste Harbour South #4

General fixes
New Arrivals Hangar has received its shipment of complete Terminal selection, unfortunately there were some shipping damage on the Trade Terminal so that will be installed for the patch.
Turret at Arkadia Land Area #4 is yet again fully functional, Khorum Coast land area has also had some turret maintenance done.
An issue that sometimes results in multiple copies of Aakas instance doors and gates spawning at the same time has been resolved.

Additional Information
Treasure Maps can now be stored in a single stack up to 10k in each.

Known issues
Sound is still not functioning correctly.

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