Version Update: Planet Arkadia 2015.3.1
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
News:Fixed terminals at new arrivals hangar, Smugglers started recruiting and other small fixes

The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Patch 2015.5.3

  • New Arrivals Hangar finally finished the repairs of the damaged Trade Terminal and installed it in line with the other terminals
  • Treasure Map mission 5 now have correct location in the description
  • Have a chat with my rookie upstairs in our current Smuggler base because he has seen you all complaining and enjoyed it, so I said, just start accepting them before I loose my mind, so yes, We are now recruiting, -Comment Corrected- (Ned was here - I should really change this.)

Known Issues

  • Icons in mission dialogues sometimes displaying items as fully decayed when previewing them.
  • Inventory icons for Smuggler Beret and Smuggler Shades is currently not working
  • Sound is still not working as intended, rest assured we are working hard to get the sound working for everyone no matter their system. So if you still don't have any sounds don't give up we will patch it as soon as there is a fix that we know will fix it for people who still don't have sounds working.
  • Oratan Payback Mission IX is unfortunately not available due to a Smuggler hack attack




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