Avatars (discussion)

Another unauthorised change of my ava info, by an unregistered user.

I've marked the change and undone, but I find it a lil disturbing that unregistered users can change info like this.

Serica (talk) - 10-06-2023 01:48:10

Another malicious change of my details.

Again by an unregistered user.


Witte, can you block changes to personal pages  (ie avatars and societies) by unregistered users ?

Serica (talk) - 10-06-2023 01:48:10

The column "Entropedia Account" is seems outdated. I guess it is a leftover from the Entropia days and didn't get modified to fit the new EntropiaWiki.

Should be changed (and probably linked?) to EntropiaWiki account.

Angelina Angie (talk) - 10-06-2023 01:48:10

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