Filled Skill Implants
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General InformationEconomy
 Body Sculpting Skill Implant (L)Body SculptingBeauty11562.87%
 Face Sculpting Skill Implant (L)Face Sculpting9128.13%
 Hair Stylist Skill Implant (L)Hair Stylist11944.80%
 Plastic Surgery Skill Implant (L)Plastic Surgery12495.10%
 Beauty Sense Skill Implant (L)Beauty Sense9051.52%
 Aim Skill Implant (L)AimCombat1049.49%
 Combat Reflexes Skill Implant (L)Combat Reflexes940.16%
 Handgun Skill Implant (L)Handgun895.78%
 Heavy Melee Weapons Skill Implant (L)Heavy Melee Weapons1575.87%
 Heavy Weapons Skill Implant (L)Heavy Weapons4813.92%
 Inflict Melee Damage Skill Implant (L)Inflict Melee Damage1565.12%
 Inflict Ranged Damage Skill Implant (L)Inflict Ranged Damage1236.48%
 Light Melee Weapons Skill Implant (L)Light Melee Weapons1556.34%
 Longblades Skill Implant (L)Longblades987.28%
 Marksmanship Skill Implant (L)Marksmanship773.08%
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