Land Area DNA
DNA Samples in the fertilizers of the Land Areas. Showing 276 of 56 items.
Land Area:
Land AreaZone#DNA SampleNumbersMaturityCreature
 Amethera Outback Land #0101Equus DNA Samples106Equus
 Amethera Outback Land #012 Traeskeron DNA Samples1010Traeskeron
 Amethera Outback Land #461321 Proteron DNA Samples101Proteron
 Amethera Outback Land #541 Proteron DNA Samples10 Proteron
 Amethera Outback Land #40#40 Atrox Valley (23745/28144)4Atrox DNA Samples106Atrox (Calypso)
 Amethera Outback Land #401Atrox DNA Samples108Atrox (Calypso)
 Amethera Outback Land #402Atrox DNA Samples107Atrox (Calypso)
 Amethera LA11all3Bristlehog DNA Samples 5Bristlehog
 Sentosa's ReachArkadia, Coords: [14846, 32410, 145]1 Madana Mutated DNA Cartridge101Mutated Madana
 Sentosa's Reach2 Madana Mutated DNA Cartridge101Mutated Madana
 Amethera Outback Land #39Atroax-zone - OLA39 SW of Akmuul (243,269)2Atrox DNA Samples106Atrox (Calypso)
 Amethera Outback Land #395Neconu DNA Samples11Neconu (Calypso)
 Amethera Outback Land #393Atrox DNA Samples106Atrox (Calypso)
 Ayida IslandAyida Island1 Scipulor DNA Samples1010Scipulor
 Ayida Island2 Sumima DNA Samples1010Sumima
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