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General InformationFacilitiesLocation
 Aegis MoundSmallNoNoNoCalypsoPlanet CalypsoOutpost7425085858
 Akmuul IslandSmallYesYesNoCalypsoPlanet CalypsoOutpost2509327322
 AshiSmallYesYesNoCalypsoPlanet CalypsoOutpost8217978304
 Athena SpaceportLargeYesYesnoCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace7163268192
Atlas HavenMedium / LargeYesYesYesCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace7175282406
 Billy's SpaceShip AfterworldSmallYesYesFewCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace6200080250
Camp AmundsenSmallNoNoNoCalypso GatewayPlanet CalypsoOutpost6875771026
 Camp CaravanSmallYesYes CalypsoPlanet CalypsoOutpost8712489462
 Camp Cartersmallno  CalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace7713568707
 Camp EchidnaSmallYesYesFewCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace7952087848
 Camp IcarusSmallYesYesYesCalypsoPlanet CalypsoOutpost6322974418
 Camp PhoenixSmallYesYesYesCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace6255182571
 Camp PoseidonSmallYesYesNoCalypsoPlanet CalypsoOutpost5050060400
 Cape CorinthSmallYesYesFewCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace6181688027
 CayuzeSmallYesYesNoCalypsoPlanet CalypsoPlace2018839716
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