Land Areas
Avatar-owned or society-owned Land Areas on Amethera. Showing 114 of 56 items.
General InformationOwnerTaxLocation
Deed NameLand NameTypeOwner TypeOwnerHunting TaxMining TaxContinentPlanetLon.Lat.
 Amethera LA01 Land AreaSociety0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso3681445741
 Amethera LA02 Land AreaSocietyBlackAngels Evolution2.992.99CalypsoPlanet Calypso3528441176
 Amethera LA03 Land AreaSociety0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso3798433106
 Amethera LA04Farsight PlainsLand AreaSocietyMenace to Society2.992.99CalypsoPlanet Calypso3090436636
 Amethera LA05Falx YoungLand AreaSocietycK Coat Killers3.903.90CalypsoPlanet Calypso2060438906
 Amethera LA06Miwak Mountain PassLand AreaSocietyWhySoSerious3.903.90CalypsoPlanet Calypso3088433216
 Amethera LA07 Land AreaSocietyMenace to Society3.903.90CalypsoPlanet Calypso1720437526
 Amethera LA09Red Sands ForestLand AreaSocietyArt of War0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso3683427686
 Amethera LA10Myrene IslandLand AreaSocietycK Shadows0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso1806425956
 Amethera LA11Oyster IsleLand AreaAvatar0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso1712434146
 Amethera LA12 Land AreaSocietyDawn Daemons3.903.90CalypsoPlanet Calypso2948430896
 Amethera LA13 Land AreaAvatarMarcus Callender The Estate Broker0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso2664432936
 Amethera LA14Takuta PlateauLand AreaSociety1.990.99CalypsoPlanet Calypso3744430716
 Amethera LA16LA16Land AreaSocietyBlackAngels HQ3.903.90CalypsoPlanet Calypso3296444116
 Amethera LA18 Land AreaSociety0.000.00CalypsoPlanet Calypso3590430376
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